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Date: October 27, 2013, 6:03 pm
Name: RCF_CTP v.2
Original Author: ikey07
Size: 5325.33 KB
Merged RCF and CTP as single new mod, New SA
lights texture., Code name HQLM v3.0, 80% New
parts are made., 17 New shiny wheels, Compatible
with SPC Wheel pack, New NOS bottles, More greater
Super Charger, Quad Lights are Front bar, All new
spoilers, More easy to Install, New Tuning parts
names in game
Hella headlights, GPS texture is now GWM hp, 46
new tuning parts for TF, WAA, LLC, Dollar wheels
with SA lights, Wheels for Wide kits are included
Downloads: 2175

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